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Bluewolf Pocket Park






Located at the corner of Howard and 4th street, the Pocket park is in the middle of Moscone West and North, where most of the attendees of Dreamforce pass through. To serve as a casual meeting coffee bar, it is fully branded by Bluewolf with its Dreamforce campaign—Let’s be clear.


Besides coffee, the main shelf in the center of the booth showcases the fresh released annual report—The State of Salesforce for the visitor to grab. 

There are multiple workshops and meet-ups planned at the park along the four-day event. Live screen printing T-Shirts are available onsite hosted by local vendor San Franpsycho.

With the acquisition of Bluewolf by IBM, the Dreamforce 2018 campaign—Let's be clear presents the concept of clarity. "A new kind of partner" is introduced as a message and it has the capability of customizing the methodology in which individual businesses need for its success. 

Brand Director: Todd Norem

Creative Director: Scott Shern

Designer: Grace Min Shan Lee

Photographer: Marla Aufmuth

© 2021 Grace Min Shan Lee     All rights reserved

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