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Bluewolf Gillibus



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Known as the world's largest nonprofit technology conference, Dreamforce is the biggest event of the year for business seeking innovations. This event by Salesforce attracts people from all around the world to San Francisco to experience the latest technology and transformation.

The GilliBus is one of many of the promotions deliverable to the Dreamforce 2017 campaign—The Power To.

The creative team and marketing team goes through the brainstorming process and lands on the idea of tour Gillibus. Starting in New York, where Bluewolf HQ is located, the bus is planned to traverse on to Atlanta, New Orleans, San Antonio and finally to San Francisco for the conference.

The bus features a live jazz quartet. It also serves as an interview and social space. Gillibus is equipped with a full bar and bartender.

Senior Designer: Emma Linh
Graphic Designer: Grace Min Shan Lee

Photographer: Marla Aufmuth

© 2021 Grace Min Shan Lee     All rights reserved

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